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Our Mission

Uniting Local Artists

The intention of The G Studios and Entes Beings is to provide a place for artists to produce and display their work. The G Studios does not limit its artist tenants to a specific medium; rather we aim to encourage the artist’s free-vision. In addition, we provide a place for visiting artists to display their work during open studio shows. The G Studios is a developing studio that is in the process of creating an environment where artists are able to share a common space. Naturally, we believe that communication between artists is of the utmost importance for artistic innovation and inspiration. Artists must be exposed to the work of other artists to help in developing and sharing techniques and have a common ground for artists to share. In turn, our hope is that the common space will be utilized for art, music performances, events, workshops, and community art classes.

The G Studios is an establishment that prides itself on being open to new ideas in order to expand its artistic scope. We are comprised of hard working individuals who possess a vision for a community that values art as cultural necessity. Thereby providing the community with a resource where artistic culture may flourish and thrive.

History of The Studios

In 2001, Giovani renovated and constructed what was a former laundering factory building. After much outside contribution and a vast amount of manual labor, the building is now home to the Humphreys Street Studios. Giovani’s goal has been to create affordable studio space for artists.
Today, The G Studios provides seven studio spaces and shared art studios that are rented to aspiring artists. The artists participate in cooperative open studio shows as to display their work to the public. Outside artists are also invited and encouraged to submit artwork for public view. The ambition of The G Studios is to serve as a location that gives exposure to the talents of upcoming artists.

The G Studios, part of Entes Beings Inc., is a purely artistic venture and is located in the ground level of the Humphreys Street Studios. Giovani Hoyos- Corrales is the president of this corporation. In addition to acting as president of Entes Beings, Inc. and managing The G Studios, he works as a sculptor in the manufacturing of gothic- style gargoyles.




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