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The Galleries at The G Studios
The Galleries at The G Studios offer alternative art spaces accommodating a broad range of contemporary art forms by innovative artists, musicians and curators. The G Studio's purpose sets it apart from other organizations by not exclusively focusing on visual art. In this way, The G Studios is a multi-purpose forum allowing development and presentation of contemporary arts for the general public, youth, students and seasoned arts professionals. The Galleries at The G Studios are a welcome haven for open and flexible approaches to all the arts, embracing both local and global initiatives. The galleries are open to everyone to meet and exchange ideas that are socially and culturally transformative.

The Main Gallery
Not just any gallery, The Main Gallery is a welcoming space for events, performances, and classes.

If you would like to use the Gallery to hold private classes or lessons or if you would like to propose a show, event, or performance then contact us here.

The Hallway Gallery
The Hallway Gallery is an extension of The Main Gallery, allowing greater room for the displaying of 2D work.

The Courtyard Sculpture Garden
The Courtyard Sculpture Garden is an excellent space for outdoor sculpture, collaborative projects, performances, and parties.


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